If you’ve got the grades and have chosen to go to university, then you’ll no doubt be getting prepared for your experience to start. You’ve been working for your entire educational career to get to this moment. You’ve finally got here and trust me – it was worth all that hard work. Speaking as a student who’s just finished his first year at university, here are ten reasons why I think yours will be the best of your life:

1) The people

In most cases, the people you meet will be the people you are friends with for the rest of your life. Whatever your interests, you will find a group of people just like you.

Remember, everyone is in the same boat when they go to university. Everyone is finding their feet just like you are, so don’t worry – you will find someone who likes you. I met so many great people and the ones you meet will play a huge part in ensuring you have the best year of your life.


2) The freedom

The independence you get at university is unbelievable, so embrace the fact the world is your oyster. If you fancy a walk at 4am, you can do it. There’s no asking your parents, you just go.

Of course, I wouldn’t advise a stroll in the middle of the night, but it’s what I always think about when considering the freedom you have. The independence on offer is an essential factor as to why the first year is so brilliant.


3) The course

I know what you’re thinking: work?! Yes, unfortunately it’s a (relatively) big part of your first year, but don’t worry – it doesn’t actually count. The first year is very much for settling in to life away from home, in a new place, and with new people, so they don’t expect magic from you from day one.

However, it’s important to try and balance your social life with your work though, because doing well in my first year has opened up so many doors that will help me in my second year and in my career too, hopefully. I love my course and, without it, I couldn’t have had the best year.


4) Freshers’ Week

It’s incredible – the best part of the year. You get to know your flatmates and meet new people, all in a great environment where everyone just wants to have a good time. You effectively become nocturnal and your sleeping pattern is completely destroyed, but it’s all fun and definitely worth immersing yourself into. You only get one Freshers’ Week, so make the most of it!


5) The night life

Just because Freshers’ finishes, it doesn’t stop you from going out regularly. You may have to give it a rest for a couple of weeks, whilst you recover from the infamous Fresher’s Flu, but you’ll be back out soon enough.


6) Societies

There is a society for just about everything and if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, then start one. Getting involved with societies is a great way to find friends, have fun, and pad-out your CV. Getting involved will really enhance your experience at university.


7) The food

Now this one may surprise you. You might be thinking: ‘What will I do without my mum’s cooking?’ Well, the independence you have means that you have the licence to buy any food you want.

For example, one of my flatmates loved pasta, so had it for every meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. No joke. For me, it was all about chicken steaks, chips, and beans, but each to their own.

In your first year, you will either learn to cook, eat microwave meals, or pass out (would avoid the last option).


8) Halls

Halls are a great place to live if you’re lucky enough to get a room, but if not, your house will still be great.

Your flatmates will become everyday regulars in your life. You will live with them, hold their hair after a rough night out, and maybe even fall in love with them (you never know). My flatmates really made my first year what it was – incredible.


9) The atmosphere

Whether in university, on nights out, or in halls, the atmosphere of first year life is priceless and brilliant. On the whole, everyone seems to be happy and buzzing, which adds hugely to the entire university experience.


10) Personal development

Finally, one of the most important things that will make your first year so great is your own self development. Moving away from home is a huge thing and, at times, it may be hard being away – but the people around you will always pick you up.

Soon after you arrive, you forget you have a family at all! Family? What family?!

Seriously though, I grew and matured so much over the course of my first year. You will each go through your own journeys and trust me: you will have the best year of your life.

So, savour every moment because it goes way too fast. I had an excellent one, and I hope you will too. Good luck!