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Creating a Stress Free School Morning

There’s a reason why people ask you if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed when you’re grumpy. That’s because waking up and having a horrible morning is one of the surest ways to have a horrible rest of the day! This is especially true if you are a busy parent...

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8 Steps to Prepare Your Child for Primary School

Primary 1 is one of many steps which your child will take towards true independence. It is however, the step which to most children will seem to be the biggest one. In Primary 1, most children will learn how to count and use money, be responsible for homework and other activities, interact with a wider and bigger peer group, negotiate timetables, independent transport and manage multiple needs and tasks at the same time. Whilst most pre-schools will have a primary school preparation programme, there are many things which you can do with your child to help make adjusting to primary school easier. – See more at:

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The 5 Best Industries To Work In in 2018

In 2018, you have more options in terms of industries to work in than ever before. You find that many people study one thing but end up working in an industry that is completely opposite to what they studied all because they find it more appealing. If you are tired of your job or just getting into the market, these are the 6 best industries to work in.

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